High Capacity Vacuum Harrow Drying Machine for Pharmacy Chemical Industry

High Capacity Vacuum Harrow Drying Machine for Pharmacy Chemical Industry

PZG Collection Single Shaft Paddle Dryer / Oar Blade Harrow Dryer

Suitable for medicine, chemical, foods industries with compact composition, and other industries CZPT organic and natural solvents or flammable content of the conductive drying.

The main composition of oar blade harrow dryer are spherical cylinder and on rotary hollow shaft outfitted in the middle of the cylinder. On the shaft are dispersed hollow oar blades, the heating are transferred  by jacket in the cylinder and the area of the hollow blades, and the moisture evaporated. For the duration of heating, the blades will also mix the supplies, so that update the heating spot. It is a steady heating transferred dryer.

Oar blade harrow dryer a new sort drying machine, which is developed with the combination of oar blade dryer warmth drying principle, with a increased drying performance for a selection of uncooked materials.

The internal equipped oar blade and screw with constant, axial and radial mixing of uncooked resources, make the resources to be dried much more evenly. With utilized the two oar blade and screw, when the uncooked supplies had been turned more than by mixing blades, they pace up the components contact with heating area of the dryer, so heat transfer fee is elevated, and is conductive to moisture evaporation.

1. The loading cylinder of raw materials will be equipped with heating jacket, and warmth insulation layer will be outfitted outside the jacket, which will prevent the warmth be tranferred, and also lessen the heat decline. Discharge hole is equpped with the reduce element of the cylinder, on the prime of the cylinder with two feeding holes and an air exhaust outlet. When feeding, the raw components need to be fed similarly from the two feeding holes, the best feeding ability is about sixty%-eighty% of the quantity of the cylinder, the max feeding ability ought to not exceed eighty%, otherwise will affect the clean discharge of gas evaporation. When the sticky raw substance is feeding, the feeding capacity must be diminished, to prevent the push moto overloaded, hurt to gear.
2. Hollow shaft is established inside of the middle of the cylinder, in heating medium will be put into the shaft (like hot conduction oil or scorching water).
3. On the hollow shaft dispersed with oar blades with specific angle, the oar blades are also hollow inside heating transferred, inlet and outlet of sizzling oil conduction are outfitted inside of the blades, to make certain the warmth transfer performance in the course of the drying.
4. Seals: Packing seals are equipped throughout shaft and cylinder.
five. Transmission: Apart from the unique designs, we generally use the chain or gear transmission type. Pivot bear apply duplex bearing blend with tapered roller bearing and deep groove ball bearing blended, to assembly the demands of radial and axial force.

1. Compact composition, small occupied location.
2. Higher utilization of heat, lower procedure value.
3. Wide adaptability of uncooked materials, the drying diploma is evenly.
4. Suited for drying a lot of varieties of raw supplies.

High Capacity Vacuum Harrow Drying Machine for Pharmacy Chemical Industry