China OEM Short Pitch Precision stainless steel hardware Transmission Motorcycle Industrial Roller Chain

Product Description

Short Pitch Precision Roller Chains

A. Our Services:

1. Any of your kind inquiry about chain would be replied within 24 hours.
2. Well-trained and experienced sales staffs will reply all your concerns in fluent English.
3. OEM services are available with us, our professional designer would make your private idea into being.

4. Protection of your sales area, ideas of design and all your private information.
5. Delivery by air mail or ship for your orders.
6. With years of manufacture and promotion experience in global market, brings you profit and great success!

B.Product Description:

Style: Simplex Roller Chains, Duplex Roller Chains, Triplex Roller Chains, Multiple Roller Chains
Chain No.: (ANSI/ISO) 03C, 04C, 06C, 08A, 10A, 12A-~ 48A
Chain No.: ( ANSI ) 15, 25,35,41,40,50 ~ 240
Pitch:  4.7625 mm ~ 76.200 mm

C.Company show & Product Process

D. Packaging & Certificate

Packaging Details: Chain+Plastic Bag+Neutral Box+Wooden case+Big Carton+Steel Pallets
Delivery Detail: five weeks


1. Are you manufacturer or trade Company?
We are a factory founded in 1991 with trade team for international service.


2. What terms of payment you usually use?
T/T 30% deposit and 70% against document, Western Union, L/C at sight


3. what is your lead time for your goods?
Normally 45 days after confirmed order. 30 days could be available in low season for some items (during May to July), and 65 days during new year and hot season ( Jan to March).


4. Do you attend any Show?
We attend Hannover show in Germany, NMW in Austrilia, Canton fair, PTC, in China and many other special furniture shows.


5. Do you have any instant chat ?


Usage: Conveyor Chain
Material: Alloy/Carbon Steel
Surface Treatment: Electroplating
Feature: Heat Resistant
Chain Size: 1/2"*11/128"
Structure: Roller Chain


Customized Request

How do steel chains handle misalignment between sprockets in conveyor systems?

Steel chains are designed to handle some degree of misalignment between sprockets in conveyor systems. The flexibility and articulation of the chain links allow them to accommodate minor misalignments without causing significant issues in the operation of the conveyor.

When a misalignment occurs between sprockets, the chain links can pivot and adjust their position to a certain extent, ensuring smooth engagement with the sprocket teeth. The ability to tolerate misalignment is especially important in conveyor systems where slight variations in alignment may occur due to factors such as uneven loading, wear on sprocket teeth, or settling of the conveyor structure.

However, it’s essential to note that excessive misalignment can lead to accelerated wear and stress on the chain, sprockets, and other conveyor components. Severe misalignment should be avoided, and regular maintenance and alignment checks should be conducted to ensure the conveyor operates efficiently and to prolong the service life of the chain and sprockets.

Proper lubrication of the steel chain is also crucial in reducing friction and wear, especially in misaligned conveyor systems. Adequate lubrication helps to minimize the impact of misalignment and maintain the smooth movement of the chain along the sprockets.

In summary, steel chains are designed to handle minor misalignments between sprockets in conveyor systems, but excessive misalignment should be avoided through regular maintenance and alignment checks to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the conveyor system.

China OEM Short Pitch Precision stainless steel hardware Transmission Motorcycle Industrial Roller Chain  China OEM Short Pitch Precision stainless steel hardware Transmission Motorcycle Industrial Roller Chain
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