Spiral Modular Durable Slant Corn Screw Vibrating Conveyor

Spiral Modular Durable Slant Corn Screw Vibrating Conveyor

√  Description of Spiral Modular Tough Slant Corn Screw Vibrating CZPT 
Screw conveyor We use the strongest and most tough steels to fabricate screw conveyor programs that stand up to the harshest problems. We will function with you to figure out the acceptable screw size and motor size to make sure the good efficiency of your screw conveyor programs. From figuring out screw diameter and duration to determining several discharge details, screw conveyors from our team are custom made made for your facility’s certain wants.

√  Notes of lifting screw conveyor
[conveying length]: much less than 30 meter
[conveying temperature]: significantly less than 200ºC
[conveying capacity]: much less than 100m³/h
[application industry]: suitable for different industries: food, chemical, electric powered electrical power, metallurgy, mining etc…

√  Features for flexible screw conveyor
(one) Installation, disassembly and routine maintenance is extremely hassle-free, and lower failure charge
(two) Easy composition, modest measurement, so the occupied region and room is not really massive
(three) Can have numerous feeding port and discharging port as needed
(4) Effortless to sort the manufacturing line, can be connected with packaging products, storage products,
mixing tools or screening gear
(5) can be CZPT with hopper or running wheels and other folks

√  CZPT parameters

Model LS100 LS160 LS200 LS250 LS315 LS400 LS500
one hundred one hundred sixty 200 250 315 four hundred five hundred
Screw pitch
one hundred 160 200 250 315 355 400

CZPT parameters

N(r/min) one hundred forty 112 100 90 eighty seventy one sixty three
Q two.2 8 fourteen 24 34 64 a hundred
N(r/min) 112 ninety 80 seventy one sixty three 56 fifty
Q one.7 seven twelve 20 26 52 eighty
N(r/min) 90 seventy one 63 fifty six 50 45 40
Q 1.4 six ten 16 21 forty one 64
N(r/min) seventy one fifty 50 forty five 40 36 32
Q one.1 four 7 thirteen sixteen 34 52

√  For Picking distinct variety in accordance to your unique situation:
1. Tubular screw conveyor
2. Trough kind screw conveyor
three. Hopper variety screw conveyor mized batching, discharging and stacking, being utilized with other conveying
gadget jointly.

 √  How to choose flexible screw conveyor for you:
1. What is name of bulk substance and the attributes? These kinds of as coal, cement, stone, grain and many others.
two. Distance from inlet to outlet? Such as 5m,20m,50m,100m and many others.
3. How significantly about the ability? Such as 5t/h, 10t/h, 20t/h and so forth.
four. How a lot about the max inclined angle? This sort of as 5°,10°,15°,25° etc.

Notify us individuals information and let’s make the appropriate remedy for you.


Spiral Modular Durable Slant Corn Screw Vibrating Conveyor