Concrete Disc Gear Chain Hardening Quenching Machine

Concrete Disc  Gear Chain Hardening Quenching Machine

we have sevral creation traces to choose
(one) Laptop steel bar production lines
(2) Laptop metal wire production lines
(three) Pc strand manufacturing strains
(four) CZPT wire creation lines
(five) Rebar cold roling / tempering lines
(6) Angle metal chilly rolling /annealing lines 

Hardening Equipment Application selection:
Quenching machine performs with medium / large frequency induction heating equipment, adopting immersion and spray cooling signifies, realizing the induction quenching process, frequently used in the rollers, gears, bearings, shaft parts, valve, cylinder, and all kinds of machinery areas quenching and other heat treatment.

Our quenching machine have two sorts: Vertical variety quenching device and Horizontal type quenching device. Adapted to the maximun diameter Ф600mm, maxinum duration 8000mm.  Clients can selected the equipments in accordance to the quenching procedure, and we also can design and style and personalize non-common special quenching equipment according to customer’s request. 

Models Device  type
Greatest length of workpiece(mm) Max diameter of the workpiece
Hardening size
RNWS three hundred push rod type / roller type /production line 300 Φ150 300
RNWS five hundred   five hundred Φ200 five hundred
RNWS 800   800 Φ300 800
RNWS one thousand press rod variety / roller type a thousand Φ150 one thousand
RNWS 2000   2000 Φ200 2000
RNWS 3000 Drive rod kind 3000 Φ300 3000
RNWS 4000   4000 Φ400 4000
RNWS 5000   5000 In accordance to use needs 5000
RNWS 6000   6000   6000
RNWS 6000-13000   6000-13000   6000-13000
RNSP300 rotary desk Φ300
RNSP500   Φ500
RNSP800   Φ800
RNSP1000 Turntable Φ1000
RNSP2000   Φ2000
RNSP4000   Φ4000
RNSP5000   Φ5000

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Concrete Disc  Gear Chain Hardening Quenching Machine