china price P38 Chain Bush Steel Strip & Chain Bush Flat Wire & Chain Bush Raw Material manufacturers

Merchandise Description

Numerous dimension of flat wire can be provided for roller chain, special chain and bike chain. Also we can generate the dimensions just according to your drawing.

Merchandise name Flat wire & Bush Strip & Bush Raw Content
Software Bike chain bush & CZPT chain bush
Material steel quality as CZPT er prerequisite
Sort Flat metal wire
Coils 20~100kgs
MOQ one metric ton
Lead time 30 Days
Bundle Wooden situation or picket pallet
TENSILE Energy 45-65KG/MM²
BURR NOT Permitted
Pickling 10 minutes
ANNEALING twelve several hours

Standard bush substance dimension listing
Merchandise Materials grade Dimension (width*thickness Hardness Corner
03C 20CrMnMo 3.sixty five-.03*.39-.01 HRB80-HRB85 R0.25 mm
04B 20CrMnMo 4.1-.04*.42-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.25 mm
04C 20CrMnMo four.6+.02/-.02*.forty six-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.25 mm
04CH 20CrMnMo 5.2+.02/-.02*.forty six-.015 HRB80-HRB85 R0.25 mm
05BTF2 20CrMnMo seven.8+.03/-.03*.52-.015 HRB80-HRB85 R0.twenty five mm
05E 20CrMnMo seven.forty eight-.03*.fifty nine-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.twenty five mm
06B 20Mn 8.3-.06*.7-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.35 mm
06C 20Mn 7.25-.04*.seventy one-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.35 mm
420 20Mn 9.27-.04*.78-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.4 mm
420H 20Mn ten.34-.06*.78-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.4 mm
08A 40 20Mn 10.92-.04*.78-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.4 mm
08AH 40H 20Mn 11.9-.05*.79-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.4 mm
08B 20Mn 10.9+.02/-.02*.ninety one-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.45 mm
08BH 20Mn 11.94-.04*.ninety one-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.forty five mm
10A fifty 20Mn 13.4-.04*.93-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.forty seven mm
10AH  50H 20Mn 14.fifteen-.04*.94-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.47 mm
10B 20Mn 12.9-.06*.ninety two-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.forty seven mm
10BH 20Mn 13.2-.06*.94-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.47 mm
12A sixty 20Mn seventeen.35-.04*1.13-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.6 mm
12AH 60H 20Mn 18.ninety seven-.04*1.thirteen-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.6 mm
12B 20Mn 15.2-.06*1.13-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.6 mm
12BH 20Mn 16.4-.06*1.02-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.6 mm
16A eighty 20Mn 22.fifteen-.06*1.53-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.8 mm
16AH 80H 20Mn 23.eighty five-.06*1.53-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.8 mm
16B 20Mn 25.02-.06*1.fifty five-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.8 mm
16BH 20Mn 24.75-.04*1.twenty five-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.8 mm
20A a hundred 20Mn 26.88-.04*1.97-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.97 mm
20AH 100H 20Mn 28.8-.04*1.ninety five-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.ninety seven mm
20B 20Mn 28.6-.04*1.84-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.97 mm
P38 20Mn 27.7-.06*1.43-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.8 mm
S38H 20Mn 29.75-.06*1.forty two-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.8 mm
CA550 20Mn twenty five.4-.06*1.56-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.8 mm
24A  120 20Mn 34.8-.06*2.fourteen-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R1.08 mm
24B 20Mn 37.3-.04*1.ninety two-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.ninety seven mm

Q:What is the fat for each coil?
A:it’s in accordance to your prerequisite, we can make twenty~100kgs for each coil.
Q:What is your package deal?
A:Wooden pallet, iron pallet, picket case is CZPT .
Q:Can you ship components inspection report ?
A:Sure, we will ship this check report together with other files following shipment.
Q:Could I check out manufacturing facility ahead of co-procedure?
A:We often welcome your visit us to know every single other properly and know nicely about CZPT goods.
Q:Can you accept modest quantity orders?
A:Indeed, We will give CZPT greatest support for every buy.
Q:Can you offer uncooked content report?
A:Of course, we will send out all documents right after shipment.
Q:Can you send C.O?
A:Of course.
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china  price P38 Chain Bush Steel Strip & Chain Bush Flat Wire & Chain Bush Raw Material manufacturers