China OEM Lightweight Strong Stainless Steel Links Slip Chain Dog Colla

Product Description

High Quality Lightweight Strong Stainless Steel Links Slip Chain Dog Collar for Pet Wholesale 2571


Product Description


Name Stainless dog Collar Style Dog Slip Chain Collar
Brand Customized Color Customized
Moq 1PCS Place ZheJiang Province,China
Fabric Stainless Steel Packing PP bag or Customized
Size Customized Sample time 1-2days





Company Profile

HangZhou Bestone Industry Co., ltd, A 12 years old OEM&ODM pets products manufacturer, customizing high-quality collar, leash, harness, apparel, toys and etc for your beloved pets.

Our Vision Create value for clients by providing high quality and cost effective product & service, grow up altogether through constant innovation, and build a community where humans understand canine friends better.

Our Advantages
1.Strict Quality Control, certificated by SGS, TUV and CE, supply clients all over the world, organized QC system assures guaranteed QUALITY
2.Innovative Team Several pattern guys with more than 10 years work experience, do help clients turn each of innovative ideas into freshamazing product.
3.Personalized custom Service, all product details can be customized like logo, pattern, color, material, package and etc to help clients building brand & marketing correspondingly.
4.OEM&ODM service, we are professional OEM&ODM pet products manufacturer with the production volume of 30,000 webbings daily capacity.
5.Intimate Service, 24 hour on line service, consult and update clients timely during the whole process to achieve client’s better grasp of each whole project. 

Your satisfaction is our driving force.




Customized Service



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Packaging & Shipping



1. Can you do custom service?
  Yes, we are professional ODM&OEM manufacturer, customize per original image or sketch, also provide clients professional advices

2. Can you brand private logo?
  Yes, we do rubber logo, laser logo, woven logo, silk print logo and etc

3. How to make payment?
  We accept T/T, PayPal, L/C and so on

4. Can you sample before start bulk production?
  Yes, can make development samples first, usually start bulk order directly and make pre-production samples for approval before bulk production as to small trials.

5. Why charge sample fees?
  We do OEM, haven’t stocks, have to experience below process before a sample is made up.

· Analyze and Verifythe practicability of the new design
· Purchase various raw materials by cash
· Customize the details on the raw materials by sublimation, plate and etc.
· Inspect sample materials and create paper pattern
· Make up the sample
· Inspect the finished samples and send out by courier.

  We return the sample charge when it’s ordered in the future with certain quantity.

6. What’s the next step after make payment?
· We pass specific order information to correlative departments
· Get the bulk raw materials ready in 15 days usually, we will get the raw materials approved by clients.
· Start bulk production and inform clients in the meanwhile.
· Inspect the cargo and do packaging, inform clients the shipment time

  That is, we take care of all the work rigorously after clients confirm order details and make payment.

7. How to assure product quality?
  Make up pre-production sample for client approval as the standard of the bulk cargo, do quality inspection during the whole process from raw material, bulk production, packaging to shipment, each QC station control the quality of each procedure. We take full responsibility for any quality issues after shipment.

8. Delivery
  7-15 days lead time for samples and 25-45 days for bulk production, depends on specific order quantity and production schedule

Suitable for: Dog
Material: Stainless Steel
Type: Slip Collar
Width: 17mm
Application: Home, Training
Closure Type: Buckle
US$ 3.77/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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China OEM Lightweight Strong Stainless Steel Links Slip Chain Dog Colla  China OEM Lightweight Strong Stainless Steel Links Slip Chain Dog Colla
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