China high quality Ordinary Medium Link Chain SUS304 Stainless Steel

Product Description

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Place of origin: ZheJiang , China.
Brand: Yuantong
Material: Carton steel ( Iron, Alloy Steel 20Mn2, 25MNV).
Surface: Electro Galvanized (Hot Dip Galivanized,
Polished, Self-color).
Standard: Ordinary Mild Steel Link Chain
Grade: G30,G43,g70,G80,G10
Stock: There are emergency stocks for regular sizes.
The sample is free, the freight should on your
Account before your first order.
Packing method
5/50 kg 1 Gunny bag, several bags on one
Pallet(500kg 1 iron drum, 2drums on a iron
Pallet; Plastic drum+pallet; Plastic/wooden


Yuantong link chain always lead the new development of technologies, new products
And value-added services. Over the years, link chains have been created, applied,
And enable real growth forcustomers into newmarketplaces.
Link chains are widely used in various industries.

1. Decoration; Protection; Lifting; Traction etc.
2. Fishing &boat chain; Mine chain; Cement lifting round chain


We can offer u all kinds of link chain:

1)DIN5685A/C,DIN764,DIN763,DIN766,DIN5686 Link Chain

2)Ordinary Short,Medium Link Chain

3)Korean Standard Link Chain

4)ASTM80 Standard Link Chain

5)Norwegian Standard Link Chain

6)Australian Standard Link Chain

7)NACM1990 Standard Link Chain

8)NACM1996/2003 Standard Link Chain

9)Animal Link Chain

10)Stainless Steel Link Chain

11)Weldless Link Chain

12)G80 Link Chain

13)G43 Link Chain

1) What is the MIN order quantity ?
 usually 1 ton.

2)What is the delivery time?
15 -20 days since received the deposit.

3)What is the Payment term?
A. 30% TT deposit, the balance against copy B/L.
B. Irrevocable L/C at sight.
C. Other payment can be negotiated.

4)Could I get free samples before first cooperation?
Yes, of course! But the buyer need to afford express fee, which is returnable once we build cooperation.

5)What’s the packing method?
5/50 kg 1 Gunny bag, several bags on one
Pallet(500kg 1 iron drum, 2drums on a iron
Pallet; Plastic drum+pallet; Plastic/wooden
Roll+pallet.Special packages are available CHINAMFG customers’need. You can contact us for special or more detailed packages.






Usage: Transmission Chain, Drag Chain, Conveyor Chain, Dedicated Special Chain, Link Chain
Material: Iron
Surface Treatment: Electroplating
Feature: Heat Resistant
Chain Size: 1/2"*3/32"
Structure: Welded Chain
US$ 0/Meter
1 Meter(Min.Order)

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Can pitch chains be used in the textile and fabric manufacturing industry?

Yes, pitch chains can be used in the textile and fabric manufacturing industry. They play a crucial role in various processes involved in textile production, contributing to the efficiency and reliability of the manufacturing operations. Here are some ways pitch chains are utilized in the textile industry:

  • Yarn Spinning: In the yarn spinning process, pitch chains are employed in spinning machines to control the movement of spinning bobbins and guide the yarn through the spinning process. The precise and smooth motion provided by pitch chains is essential to produce consistent and high-quality yarn.
  • Fabric Weaving: Pitch chains are used in weaving looms to facilitate the back-and-forth motion of the shuttle that carries the weft yarn across the warp yarns. The controlled movement of the shuttle by the pitch chain ensures the proper interlacing of the yarns, creating woven fabric with desired patterns.
  • Fabric Knitting: In knitting machines, pitch chains are utilized to drive the needles and control the movement of the fabric as it is formed. The accuracy and low backlash of pitch chains contribute to precise knitting and the production of knitted fabrics.
  • Fabric Finishing: Pitch chains are also employed in fabric finishing processes, such as dyeing and printing. They are used in conveyor systems to transport the fabric through various treatment stages, ensuring a smooth and continuous operation.
  • Textile Conveyor Systems: Throughout the textile manufacturing process, pitch chains are used in conveyor systems to transport materials, fabrics, and garments between different stages of production. These chains are known for their durability and ability to handle the demanding conditions of textile manufacturing facilities.
  • Tensioning and Lifting Applications: Pitch chains can be utilized in tensioning and lifting applications within textile machinery, helping to maintain proper tension in the fabric and enabling lifting or lowering of components during maintenance and setup.

The use of pitch chains in the textile and fabric manufacturing industry is a testament to their versatility and reliability. Their ability to deliver precise motion and withstand the rigors of industrial settings makes them an essential component in many textile processes.

China high quality Ordinary Medium Link Chain SUS304 Stainless Steel  China high quality Ordinary Medium Link Chain SUS304 Stainless Steel
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