China Best Sales High Quality Stainless Steel Roller Chain Agricultural Machinery with Accessories Chain

Product Description

Product advantages:

— Ten CoreTechnologies —
1 Chain strengh preload technology 2 Pin CRV treatment technology
3 Plate smoothly punching technology 4 Bush oil hole technology
5 Vacuum Oiled Technology 6 Precision Punching Technology
7 Low frequency fatigue test technology for lange size chain  8 Chain length comparison technology
9 Variation of silence design technology 10 Chain dynamic testingtechnology technologies

Our Advantages:
1. Any inquiry you make will be answered professionally within 6~8 hours.
2. Attaches great importance to product quality and approved by many global quality system certification,such as France, Norway, Germany.
3. Focused on Chain since 1999, have rich experience in Production.
4. High-quality workers,First-class advanced equipment,good quality control,advanced technology.
5. Be Good at Custom-Made Products, provide customized services for customers.
6. Participated in the drafting of 24 national and industrial standards such as chains.As of 2571-Mar, CHOHO has 180 authorized patents.
7. With the responsibility of “Providing high quality chain system with the same service life for the global locomotive industry”, have established a strong R&D team.

By 2571,CHOHO has more than 2,7.
-CHOHO has 4 subsidiaries, including testing technology and international trading companies. has 4 factories in HangZhou, Thailand factory, ZheJiang R&D Center and Tokyo R&D Center. In addition, CHOHO ZHangZhoug Industrial zone is expected to be completed & put into operation next year.
-We specialized in producing all kinds of standard chains and special chains, such as Agricultural Chain, Sprocket, Chain Harrow, Tillage Parts,Rice Harvester Chain, GS38 Chain, Roller Chain, Automobile Chain, Motorcycle Chain Industrial Chain and so on.Our  partners among world top enterprises, such as LOVOL,JOHN DEERE,NEWHOLLAND, CLASS,AGCO,DEUTZFAHR,HONDA, KUBOTA etc.


1. Are you manufacturer or trade Company?
    We are a factory focused on producing and exporting Chain over 23 years,have a professional international trade team.
2. What terms of payment you usually use?
    T/T 30% deposit and 70% against document, L/C at sight
3. What is your lead time for your goods?
    Normally 30~45 days.Stock can be shipped immediately.
4. Do you attend any Show?
    We attend Hannover show in Germany, EIMA in Italy, CHINAMFG in France, CIAME in China and many other Agricultural machinery shows.
5.Do you offer free samples?
   Yes,we can.or you just bear the shipping cost.
6.Is OEM available?
   Yes, OEM is available. We have professional designers to help you design.

Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

To be negotiated
Standard or Nonstandard: Nonstandard
Application: Conveyer Equipment, Agricultural Machinery
Surface Treatment: Polishing
US$ 0/Meter
1 Meter(Min.Order)


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Customized Request

Can pitch chains be used in the power generation and energy sector?

Yes, pitch chains can be used in the power generation and energy sector for various applications. They are commonly employed in equipment and machinery used to generate, transmit, and distribute power. Some of the key uses of pitch chains in this sector include:

  • Power Transmission: Pitch chains are widely used for power transmission in various types of machinery, including turbines, generators, and motors. They efficiently transfer rotational motion and torque, allowing these machines to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy or vice versa.
  • Conveyor Systems: Conveyor systems are essential in power plants for transporting coal, biomass, and other fuels for energy generation. Pitch chains are commonly used in these conveyors to ensure smooth and reliable material handling.
  • Coal Handling: In coal-fired power plants, pitch chains are utilized in coal handling equipment, such as coal feeders and ash handling systems, to move and process coal efficiently.
  • Waste-to-Energy: Pitch chains are employed in waste-to-energy plants, where they play a crucial role in moving and processing waste materials for energy production.
  • Renewable Energy: Pitch chains are used in equipment related to renewable energy sources like wind turbines and solar trackers. They enable the efficient conversion of wind or solar energy into electrical power.

Pitch chains used in the power generation and energy sector are often designed to withstand demanding operating conditions, including high loads, dynamic forces, and varying temperatures. They are made of materials that provide excellent strength, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance to ensure reliable and long-lasting performance.

Regular inspection, lubrication, and maintenance are essential for ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of pitch chains in the power generation and energy sector. Proper care and attention to these components contribute to the overall efficiency and reliability of power generation systems.

China Best Sales High Quality Stainless Steel Roller Chain Agricultural Machinery with Accessories Chain  China Best Sales High Quality Stainless Steel Roller Chain Agricultural Machinery with Accessories Chain
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